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Associate Missionaries of St. Paul

Associate Missionaries of St. Paul

The Associate Missionaries of St. Paul (AMSP) are lay Catholic men and women who are ready to be involved in the work of God through prayers, financial and moral support to the clergy.

The great Missionary Institute founded by his Eminence Dominic Cardinal Ekadem of happy memory and established by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria to train and send Missionary Priests to where the Church most needs them. Already MSP priests are working in Nigeria, Liberia, Cameroun, Sierra Leone, USA, Botswana, The Gambia, Malawi, South Africa, Chad, South Sudan, The Bahamas, Sweden, UK, and Grenade (West Indies).

The formation of AMSP was to bring nearer to the laity the awareness that they can work and serve God better without being ordained priests. Their support through prayers attending to the needs of the clergy no matter how small is all that God requires to bring Christ nearer to His people.

The AMSP like the mustard seed has spread from Lagos to all parts of Nigeria and beyond, a good omen that God is happy with the efforts of His children. The clergy and laity working together is a clear evidence that the early Missionaries who came to Africa to sow the seed of faith and growth must be happy wherever they may be.

"PRO-CHRISTOR LEGATIONE ERGO FUNGIMUR" (For Christ we are Ambassadors)

"Ambassador" and the response will be "for Christ"

Membership at the Parish level is known as "SECTION" while at the Diocese level is known as "ZONE".
All the same, the national body, NECAM oversees the Society through the Promotion Office at the National level.

The St. Agnes Wuye SECTION meets every third (3rd) Sunday of the month immediately after the 9am Mass.